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UML 2.5 Diagrams Overview. A UML diagram is a partial graphical representation (view) of a model of a system under design, implementation, or already in existence. UML diagram contains graphical elements (symbols) — UML nodes connected with edges (also known as paths or flows) — that represent elements in the UML model of the designed system. University of Massachusetts Lowell Office of Residence Life Graduate and Professional Studies Center 839 Merrimack St., Suite 140 Lowell, MA 978–934–5160. In all versions of UML from UML 1.x to UML 2.5, the essence of object is the same: Object is an instance of a class. Glossary of the now obsolete UML 1.4.2 Specification defined object as An entity with a well defined boundary and identity that encapsulates state and behavior. Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a language of graphic description for object modeling in the field of software engineering. UML was created for definition, visualization, designing of software systems. UML is an open standard that uses graphic notations for creating visual models of object-oriented software systems. Two types of diagrams are used in UML: Structure Diagrams and Behavior.

Uml Slot Machine

A state diagram, sometimes known as a state machine diagram, is a type of behavioral diagram in the Unified Modeling Language (UML) that shows transitions between various objects. Using our collaborative UML diagram software, build your own state machine diagram with a free Lucidchart account today!

Creating object diagram

  1. Select Diagram > New from the application toolbar.
  2. In the New Diagram window, select Object Diagram.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter the diagram name and description. The Location field enables you to select a model to store the diagram.
  5. Click OK.

Creating instance specification

  1. Select Instance Specification from the diagram toolbar.
  2. Click on the diagram to create an instance specification shape. Name it.

Selecting classifiers

Uml Sloth

  1. This opens the Classifiers tab. Click Add… in it.
  2. In the Select Classifier window, select the class(es) to be the classifier of the instance specification. If you are referencing another project, you can select its model element to be the classifier. Just change the from project selection at the top of the window.
  3. Click OK to return to the Instance Specification Specification window.
  4. Click OK to return to the diagram.

Defining slots

Uml solution center email
Uml solution center email
  1. Right-click on the desired instance specification shape and select Slots… from the pop-up menu.
  2. The Instance Specification Specification window appears with the Slots tab selected. Select the features that you want to define slots on the left and click Define Slot.
  3. Select a defined slot and click Edit Values… at bottom right.
  4. The Slot Specification window pops out, the Values tab is opened by default. Click Add button and select Text from the pop-up menu.
  5. Enter the slot value and click OK to confirm.
  6. Click OK again in the Instance Specification Specification window to return to the diagram.

Creating link

Uml Slot
Uml Slot
  1. Move the mouse pointer over the source instance specification.
  2. Press on the Resource Catalog button and drag it out. Drag to the target instance specification and release the mouse button.
  3. Select Link from Resource Catalog. A link is created.
Uml solution center contact
Uml solution center contact

Posted By freeproject on March 13, 2018

This is the Activity UML diagram of Parking System which shows the flows between the activity of Customers, Duration, Parking Slot, Vehicle, Type. The main activity involved in this UML Activity Diagram of Parking System are as follows:

  • Customers Activity
  • Duration Activity
  • Parking Slot Activity
  • Vehicle Activity
  • Type Activity
Uml Slot
Uml Slot

Features of the Activity UML diagram of Parking System

  • Its shows the activity flow of editing, adding and updating of Duration
  • User will be able to search and generate report of Parking Slot, Vehicle, Type
  • All objects such as ( Customers, Duration, Type) are interlinked
  • Its shows the full description and flow of Customers, Vehicle, Type, Parking Slot, Duration

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